The Mackey Super Cub Kits Information

There is an amazing super cub being developed and it will be available in kit form.  While we have heard wonderful things about the Mackey Super Cub nothing is quite like seeing it in action.  We happened to see a video of this airplane landing and it is simply amazing to say the least. These kits are apparently supplied as kits for homebuilders and possibly as kits for Light Sport Aircraft.  The Mackey Super Cub Kit supposedly Includes everything needed to build  The Mackey SQ2 with engine options hopefully going  up to at least 250 HP models.


We have heard that the Mackey Super Cub Kit includes all of the options for fast build kits as well. If they can have you up and flying in record time, then this would be an extra.  If anyone out there knows more about the Mackey  super cub kit , then please don't hesitate to give us a call and let us know more about the Mackey super cub kit.  We have heard that its slow flight tendencies are far superior to many other super cub kits on the market today.

Will the Mackey Super Cub Kit be available on Floats as well as conventional gear?




We assume that the Mackey Super Cub Kit will also be available on skis as well as conventional gear.


The Ideal panel for a Mackey Super Cub  Kits would accept a wide selection of avionics and popular navigation gear.


I have yet to see a Mackey Super Cub  in any popular color !



Will The Mackey Super Cub Be as attractive as a traditional yellow cub?

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